Riprap Poetry Collective
The Musicians:

Kevin Flanagan:saxophones/spoken/mis-spoken word
Dave Gordon:piano, plucks, clicks
Andy Brown:bass, squeaks
Russ Morgan:drums, small sounds

The Poets:

Malcolm Guite (Malcolm's website)
Ruth Padel ( Ruth's website)
Grevel Lindop (Grevel's website)

Listen and Buy Downloads (real player)

1. Riprap, from Riprap CD, poem by Gary Snyder

2. Maverick Bar, from Riprap CD, poem by Gary Snyder

3. The Cutting Edge, Riprap trio in collaboration with poet Malcolm Guite

4. Saying the Names, Riprap trio in collaboration with poet Malcolm Guite

5. The Prayer/Walk, Riprap trio in collaboration with poet Malcolm Guite

6. My Poetry is Jamming Your Machine, Riprap Quartet in live, lo-fi collaboration with poet Malcolm Guite at the Rectial Room, Cambridge, Oct.'08

7. Apple Pips, Riprap quartet in collaboration with poet Grevel Lindop, live, Chelmsford '09

poems by Gary Snyder

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Riprap Blog
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This first CD from the Riprap quartet features compositions by the band setting the works of Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Gary Snyder. The group was formed 5 years by musicians who were interested in exploring possible combinations of the Beat poets and jazz. They have been active in working out ways of combining music, text and improvisation. This has now become a collective of musicians and poets, collaborating with writers such as Ruth Padel and Malcolm Guite, among others. They have been performing in venues such as the Royal Festival Hall for National Poetry Day, West Road Concert Hall, Cambridge, Essex University, Anglia Ruskin University, Chelmsford Civic Theatre, Boxford Jazz Club, Brighton Jazz Club, Peterbourgh Jazz Club and the BBC World Service.

"The Riprap collective can take you back and forth across the porous borderland between music and poetry, contemporary poets inspiring new grooves whilst the music give the poets back their voice with a clean new music in it. Listening to Riprap is to discover that things are more than they are, and they give more than they have."

"Haunting and atmospheric settings of Gary Snyder's evocative poetry from sax player/composer Kevin Flanagan's new band. Acoustic jazz of the highest order where the musicians solo beautifully and sit in grooves like they've found a new place to live." Sue Edwards, Bookings manager, Royal Festival Hall.

"Featuring the increasingly in-demand pianist David Gordon, Kevin Flanagan's current project pits the words of beat poet Gary Snyder against thoughtfully-crafted ensemble playing of the highest order.... a must see" Tim Haillay, Chairman, Brighton Jazz Club

"Having listened to the CD, I was full of hope and anticipation that these guys could deliver live what they had managed to recreate in the studio. I am have to say the concert was absolutely amazing, the quality of the musicianship and the reading of Snyder's poetry created a wonderful atmosphere. One of the best groups on the circuit, watch this space." Pasco-Q Kevlin,Theatre Manager, Lakeside Theatre, University of Essex.


Prayer Walk

Kevin Flanagan (reeds and voice)
Kevin comes from Lowell, Mass., USA. He was part of Antares, an improvisatory jazz group that toured New England and the UK in the mid-70's to early 80's. During this period he was also involved in blues and popular music, both performing and recording. He settled in the UK in the mid-80's, and worked on the London jazz and pop scene, playing and recording with Ben E. King, B.B.King, and members of Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, The Sex Pistols, Portishead, Paul Weller, and others, as well as various West African groups around London. By the late 80's, he was primarily involved with jazz, playing with his own group and the Tommy Chase Quartet around the festivals of the UK and Europe, such as Glastonbury, Brecon, Edinburgh, Soho, Glasgow, and Brighton in this country; and festivals in Milan, Paris, The North Sea Festival, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, and others. He spent much of the 90's collaborating with Chris Ingham in FIQ, and put out two well-received CD's, Zanzibar and Textile Lunch. A graduate of Goldsmiths University, with a post graduate degree in composition from ARU (where he lectures). He studied composition at the University of Sussex with Martin Butler,and had pieces commissioned and performed by orchestras in London and Cambridge. Kevin's composions: Kevin's Amp site

Dave Gordon (piano)
Dave played with the Theo Travis Band and the Pete Oxley Band, and released a number of CD's with both these groups, having played at Ronnie Scott's and appearing at numerous international jazz festivals. David also works as a solo improviser, both in performance with his own trio and with the London Contemporary Dance School. In addition, he works as a harpsichordist with the Academy of Ancient Music and other Baroque orchestras and in New Zealand and Australia as a recitalist. As a composer, he writes not only for his trio, but also for BBC Radio 3, and has recorded CD's with his crossover band Respectable Groove. He has been described as " a richly gifted player, with a sparkling style and boundless imagination, able to move from one mode to another with great skill" (Phil Johnson of The Independent). He is also currently working with the singer Jacqui Dankworth. See Dave's website: Dave's site

Andrew Brown (bass)
Andrew studied with Tony Hougham (Principle Double Bass of Covent Garden) and went on to play with such American players as Tal Farlow and Peter Erskine, as well as playing in bands with Pete King, Benny Green, Pete Oxley, Simon Vincent, Kevin Flanagan, and Chris Ingham. He is also involved with the contemporary music scene, working with such players as Eddie Prevost and Lol Coxhill and, most recently, in free improvised/electronic trios with the Canadian composer Matt Rogalsky and American reed player Scott Rosenberg. He worked as a session player in a number of rock bands including a period in Paris with Elise Romane and two years with Steve Harley. He is currently working with The Kevin Flanagan Quartet, Respectable Groove, and FIQ. Check into Andy's ongoing blog: Andy's site

Russ Morgan (percussion)
Russ studied with Trevor Tomkins and trained at the Royal Academy of music in London (‘93-‘95). As well as playing in ‘Rip Rap’ Russ is a member of Pete Oxley’s English fusion group ‘Curious Paradise’, and Christian Garrick’s contemporary jazz quintet ‘Jutta’s party band’. He was a founder member of the British contemporary jazz group ‘Short Stories’, the post bop and song outfit ‘the Flanagan-Ingham quartet’, and the experimental ‘drum & bass’ groove piano trio ‘Vincent’. Russ has gigged extensively on the British jazz scene, and toured and recorded around the UK and Europe. He has played with Martin Speake, Julian Siegel, Julian Arguelles, Gilad Atzmon, Stan Sultzman, Bobby Wellins and Spike Robinson (sax), Steve Waterman (trmp) John Parricelli, Phil Robson and Mick Hansen (guitar), Dave Gordon, Gordon Beck, Gary Husband, Richard Busiakiewicz, Chris Ingham and Kate Williams (piano), Bill Le Sage, Roger Beaujolais and Jim Hart (vibes),and Jacqui Dankworth, Mishka Adams, Laura Zakian and Bob monkhouse (!!!!) (vocals). When not playing music Russ is immersed in the world of Chinese internal martial and healing arts: Having practised Tai chi chuan, Wudang shan chuan, Chi kung, and acupressure massage for over 15 years, Russ is a professional Martial arts instructor, and Acupressure massage therapist. He holds regular classes, workshops and clinics in London. Russ's Tai Chi site

Malcolm Guite (words) Born in Nigeria and raised in Africa and Canada, Malcolm Guite is a poet and singer-songwriter living in Cambridge, where he also works as a priest and academic. He has published two collections of poetry; Saying the Names 2002 and The Magic Apple Tree 2004 and has also published poems in Radix, The Mars Hill Review, Crux, Second Spring and the Ambler. He has played in the rock’n’ roll band The Crocodiles, the outfit Ecu-Jazz, and is currently front man for Cambridge rockers Mystery Train. He has collaborated with Kevin Flanagan on jazz-poetry and also the oratorio The Ten Thousand Things for which he wrote the libretto. His CD The Green Man is out on Cambridge Riffs and iTunes. . Malcolm's site